We have a well equipped workshop and offer an excellent repair service at reasonable prices.

Our mechanics have good knowledge and can help and advise you with any problems you may have.

We endeavour to complete repair work on your bike on the same day it is booked in, so that you only need do without it for the shortest possible time.

When you bring your bike in, it will be assessed and a close estimate will be given as to the cost of repair. If we discover something else that requires during the repair process, we will always contact you first to OK the extra work before proceeding, so that you don’t get an unexpected bill.

Important Notes Regarding Repair Work.

All prices are estimated costs based on an hourly workshop rate of £35 per hour. Final costs may vary depending on how the job takes. This is because It is not always possible to give an exact cost of repair when initially assessing a bicycle, as some issues may only become apparent during the repair process. Conversely, jobs are on occasion, less than the estimated price if completed in a shorter time than estimated, or less work was required.

We reserve the right to fit small additional parts and charge extra labour in order to complete a job to a high standard without prior consultation (up to around £20). In the event that a great deal more work and costs are involved than previously thought (over £20), we will always contact you first to discuss before carrying out such work.

We reserve the right to turn away work on very poor quality bicycles that we feel could not be improved without much time and expense - beyond the value of the bicycle. This also includes some children's bikes and 'supermarket bikes' that are often built to a very low standard.

Please note that we are a professional cycle shop and do not carry out work on prams, scooters or wheelbarrows. (!)

Repairs Price List

(All prices exclude cost of parts, unless otherwise stated.)

Service and Check Jobs

Bike Safety Check £10.00
Basic Service (Brakes and Gears) £35.00
Intermediate Service £70.00
Full Service (including Headset and Bottom Bracket £100.00

Wheel Jobs

Tyre and/or tube replacement (front) £5.00
Tyre and/or tube replacement (rear) £6.00
Wheel build £30.00
Hub service (front - re-grease and bearing replacement) £15.00
Hub service (rear - re-grease and bearing replacement) £15.00

Brake Jobs

Brake Service (Cable type – front and rear + new cables) £25.00
Brake Adjustment (existing cables) £5.00
Fit Cantilever or ‘Vee’ brakes (front and rear) £15.00
Brake Lever fitting (front and rear) £10.00
Fit new brake blocks & adjust £8.00
Brake cable fit & adjust (single) £5.00
Disc Brake Fit (single) £5.00
Hydraulic disc brake service (bleed & oil change) £20.00 (per brake)

Gear Jobs

Gear Service £25.00
Gear Adjust £5.00
Gear Cable (replace & adjust - single) £10.00
Bottom Bracket Replacement £20.00
Crank Replacement (excluding one-piece) £10.00
Fit new freewheel or cassette £8.00
Fit new freehub body £10.00
Hydraulic disc brake service (bleed & oil change) £15.00
Chain fitting £5.00
Rear mech fit £10.00
Front mech fit £10.00

General Jobs

Headset or fork replacement £20.00
Headset Service £15.00
A-Headset Service £10.00
Handlebar replacement £12.00
Quill Stem replacement £10.00
Pedal replacement (pair) £5.00
Saddle or Seat Post replacement £5.00