1950’s Viking
This rather special restoration was undertaken for a customer who had owned it from new and raced as an amateur cyclist for Great Britain.

We have restored many vintage bicycles – mainly classic lightweight racing models from the 1930’s onwards.

This is often requires lots of time and the skills of both our staff and outsourced work such as frame repair and spraying. This often means that the restoration cost outweighs the value of the bicycle – but the results are often quite stunning and very worthwhile.

Here are some things to consider before embarking.

  • Does the bike fit you – will it be used once restored?
  • Is the bike of a sufficient quality or have great enough sentimental value to warrant restoring?
  • Would it be cheaper to purchase another same or similar bike in better original or restored condition for less?

Quality Never Dates

A last word on restoration…. if the bicycle you are intending to restore was good quality when it was new, then it may well be worth restoring. if the components were cheap and low-end when the bike was bought new, then it probably isn’t!

1980’s Holdsworth Professional. A classic and sought after bicycle from the period.